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Tell us about yourself: 
I’m a criminal barrister and a runner (I think in that order). I love both things. They compliment each other nicely in my view. Spent most of my life in Melbourne, however did a few stints in various places, including Germany, Cambodia, Indonesia and Sweden. I also love diving, but that has been on hold somewhat due to pandemic circumstances. 

How did you get into running?
I have always run for fitness (its easy and no fuss), nothing serious, just lots of fun runs. Then I decided I needed to be more social, so I joined Vigor. It was such a good move, not only have I become way more social in my running, I’ve also got lots better and love it even more. Nothing better than having a goal to push yourself. And people to drink beer with after.

Favourite locations to train?
Merri Creek path, can be dodgy, but feels like home. Also down the Great Ocean Road, but you need to get out early to not get run over (and enjoy the sunrise).

How has the build up for Gold Coast been so far? All smooth sailing? 
Last year was blighted by a few injuries, but the bars on Strava have been steadily growing since the start of 2021…so fingers crossed, I remain injury free. The build up has been pretty good, little nervous now about the lockdown, I desperately want to run a marathon, its been way too long since the last one (2019!). Things have come together well, and I think the years of running are now paying off, which is a nice feeling. All us long distance runners know we need patience. I had a good race at GOR a few weeks ago, surprising myself with a PB. It had been so long since a road race it was hard to know where I was at, but that was a good sign for me. 
Any key sessions left in the lead up?  
JA and I did 40k last Sunday, which went well, and the hope was for another 38k in two weeks time in the beautiful Mansfield, but that may now need to occur in Melbourne.  The aim is to run about 10 seconds slower than goal marathon pace (which seems to have got quicker with all the training coming together.

What are your hopes for the race?
I want to run the race with JA, so we can pace each other and smash a little PB out along the way. I also want to rep a daggy Victorian team tracksuit in the warm up.

What’s next after GC? 
Going to hike the Larapinta Trial a week after Gold Coast. Its only 230k they say! I also want to hand out the drinks at Melbourne Mara.

Is there an individual/group you’d like to pay homage to?
My Dad. He was a great man, and a runner. He understood the obsession. He got excited when I recapped a race, or broke down the splits, or told him about how well people in our crew ran (even if he didn’t know them). And he loved coming out to support us in training and racing. Maybe I can beat his PB at Gold Coast. He would be happy for me. 

Favourite beer? 
Sample 3/4 IPA