I remember coming across Conor Dillon’s Strava earlier this year and thinking - what the fuuu!? Another COVID born runner doing big things, Conor has gone bananas with his training. He is an absolute mileage monster, regularly smashing out 250km weeks through the streets of Melbourne. 
With his insane training schedule and no races available, it was only natural that Conor set out for a solo 60km hit out... As you do. Get this man a beer. 

Tell us about yourself: 
I grew up in the country, between Geelong and Ballarat, moved to Melbourne in 2019 after spending a couple of years backpacking around Central/South America. Huge sports fan, mainly footy and cricket but will watch almost anything. In non-COVID times (apart from running) I love trying new bars, cafes etc, going to gigs and getting home as often as I can to see the family! I work in the supply chain / logistics industry and working from home has definitely freed up more time for pounding the pavement!

How long have you been running for?
I took up running at the start of Lockdown 1.0 to lose weight, hated it for the first few months and then saw the light so to speak and fell in love with it! Can’t imagine my life without it now.

You run some crazy mileage - what's up with that?
Good question! I guess I just like trying to push myself and see what my legs are capable of. It’s been a gradual build though. I vividly remember doing my first 50km week (and how stoked I was!), then my first 100km week etc. 200km in a week was probably the first real milestone I set myself and strived to hit and since then it’s just naturally progressed upwards as my legs get accustomed to the abuse! I did my first 1000km month in August which is something I’m pretty proud of!

What's the motivation factor behind this big time mileage?
Nothing really apart from just genuinely loving running and loving how it makes me feel! Running with the sunrise is the best way to start a day and running after work is my favourite way to wind down and destress. The Great Ocean Road Ultra back in May is still my one and only running event (cheers COVID!) and I can’t wait to experience that post-finish line feeling again, it was an incredible rush of emotions!

60km hit out the other week - tell us about this:
This was a fairly spontaneous solo Ultra. Basically the weekend before I had a slightly tight hammy so decided to give myself a 7 day deload period where I only ran 50% of my usual volume and with barely any intensity. So I decided later that week that I’d take advantage of having fresh legs for a change and attempt something silly. I wouldn’t recommend doing it around a 2km loop but it did make it easy for nutrition etc. (and it was flat!)

What's next for you?
My next event is the Surf Coast Century on the 4th of December (if it doesn’t get postponed for a 3rd time). The 100km distance is pretty daunting but it’s a spectacular part of the world and I’m really looking forward to it!

Favourite beer?
Saving the hardest question until last! If I had to pick only one, it would probably be the Citray Sour from the crew at La Sirène – I’m a big fan of sour ales and this one probably tops the lot!