When Gold Coast Marathon got cancelled the week of, many people put a line through it, whilst a few lunatics decided to run a TT instead. Hamish McClean was one them. The pandemic has seen a birth of new runners popping up everywhere, and Hamish has gone from a non-runner to a sub 3 hour marathoner in the space of a year. Madness.

That my friends, is how you earn yourself some beers

Tell us about yourself:
Student of the sport of running. When I'm not on the track, I'll be listening to Inside Running or spending too much on shoe purchases.

Keep a low profile away from running. Love the cafe and brewery scene in Abbotsford. Read every day, listen to techno and work in Tech Consulting full time

You’re new to running - how’d this begin?
Addicted to the idea of competition and running is great for my mental health and self improvement. The pandemic was the catalyst for change in my life. Always intrigued by running. A sport that challenges your mentality and pushes you to the extremes physically. 

A lot of solo running initially before joining a group?
I was inspired by David Goggins, a famous ultra runner after reading 'You can't hurt me'. Top finisher at famous ultras like Bad Water and Leadville in the States. He has this idea called the 40% rule. In the navy seals they use to discuss this idea that you're at 40% of your capability when you feel like giving up. I always try and push my limits and test myself on this basis. Solo running is a mental game. 

Running at Collingwood is special where people are genuinely invested in each other to get better. A competitive but laid back atmosphere.  

Favourite locations to train?
Yarra Bend 

How’d you find your first marathon build?
Injury free. Found a good routine with Thursday sessions on the track and Sunday long runs. Getting the news that the Gold Coast was cancelled was a big blow. I was determined to follow through with the Albert Park TT. 
With GC cancelled, you decided to TT around Albert Park. How’d this play out?
Surprisingly well. Early start with the Vigor guys. Hunter set up drink stations. A great community atmosphere. The 25km head wind was a challenge. Maintained my goal pace until 38km. Really struggled from there with a few 5min KMs. I now know the importance of refuelling at regular intervals. 

You’re back up and running well again - what’s next?
Sandy Point Half, Burnley Half XC and Melbourne Mara.

You’ve made some solid progress in the last year - what are your future plans and goals?
Getting great enjoyment out of running. Can't go a day without turning over the legs. Aim is to break 2.45 at Melb mara and 1.15 half by year's end. 

Boston or Berlin Mara in the next few years. 

Favourite beer? 
Mountain Goat Steam Ale 

Enjoy responsibly and rave on, Hamish.